WHO COVID - 19 Updates World Health Organization Health & Fitness This promote that of your B Add to Wishlist Myths, Busted Check your nymptoms Get up - to - date Info Mahiya, I do not kill the same  Share • WHO also launched the app in April, but it was later deleted.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched an app for the Covid-19 guideline and update.  The name of this app is WHO COVID - 19 Updates. 

 This app users will get accurate data regarding the epidemic of corona.  The WHO had earlier launched the app in April, but it was later removed from the Play Store.  In fact data related to Kovid were not to be disclosed at the time.  The update app works just like the old app.  Here you will find information about epidemic related symptoms, myths along with the total number of Kovid infections worldwide.  The app also has many experts who will answer users' questions.  The number of infected people is also seen here every day.  WHO COVID - 19 Updates zu lael Speaking of the technical specifications of the app, it has been launched on December 20.  Its size is 8.8MB.  It has been installed by over 1000 users so far.  It can be installed on iOS version 4.1 or above.

The current version of the app is 1.0.0.  Corona status in the country: Corona cases are steadily declining in the country.  The number of active cases dropped to 1474 on Thursday.  At present 2 lakh 80 thousand 373 patients of Corona are undergoing treatment in the country.  78% of the cases

These include Kerala (60,157), Maharashtra (54,891), Uttar Pradesh (16,299), West Bengal (15,193), Chhattisgarh (15,153), Karnataka (13,610), Rajasthan (11,671), Gujarat (10,741), Madhya Pradesh (10,676) and Tamil Nadu.  (9,217) are involved.  • There are currently only 2.8% active cases in the country.  Kerala and Himachal have the highest number of 8.7% patients undergoing treatment.  In Kerala, 7 lakh 26 thousand 688 cases have been reported so far, in which 63 thousand 157 patients are undergoing treatment.  In Himachal Pradesh, 53 thousand 766 cases of corona were reported, out of which 48 thousand 151 people beat corona and 887 people lost their lives.  There are 4 thousand 681 active cases in the state at present.  Corona status in the world: The number of corona patients in the world has reached more than 7.97 crore.  More than 56.1 million people have recovered.  So far more than 17 lakh 48 thousand people have lost their lives.  

These statistics are according to WWW.Worldometers.info/ coronavirus. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Jones has been given the power to impose a lockdown in the country.