Good Job: Now Tata Sky will teach children and also take exams, launches free education channels in Hindi and English 22/12/20 TATA Sky Classroom Powered by class edge  AB SYLLABUS HUA SIMPLE Le Scenes Tata Sky launched its classroom service in the year 2016. Here are more than 700 animated videos of maps and science.
These educational videos can be viewed on channel number 653 on Tata Sky.  Coaching from college   Online education is being provided everywhere up to This work is also being done on many apps.  In such a scenario, now direct to home cable service Tata Sky has also launched a free educational channel for all its subscribers.  The name of this channel is Tata Sky Classroom Education.  This channel number is 653.  Tata Sky launched its classroom service in 2016.  It has over 700 animated videos from Maps and Science.  This Tata Sky channel comes without any advertisement.  As well, it can be viewed in both Hindi and English languages.  

Tata Sky aims to teach content learning through TV to all students in the country.  More than 2 crore customers will benefit Tata Sky's classroom service is free for both old and new subscribers.  The company says it has 22 million subscribers across the country.  Customers will be able to watch this on channel number 653.  Engaging and interactive content is provided on the classroom service.  On this platform students will be able to watch Fundamental Videos of Maps and Science and Engaging Animated Concept Learning Videos.

Tata Sky Classroom Service focuses on students in grades 5 to 8.  Content is available here in both English and Hindi languages.  In addition to educational videos, educational games are also available here.  This not only keeps the children engaged, but also gives them knowledge.  Tata Sky has laid slabs here in two parts from April to September and another from October to March. 

Tata Sky will run video lessons in the first three months of all the parts and will also provide revision videos, practice tests and sample papers as per the previous two months.