What is the secret of the number written in PAN Card?
These days, using a PAN card is very useful. It is also used as an ID card. You also need to have a PAN card with a Permanent Account Number below your date of birth. This number is 10 digits. This number has a special meaning. This type of information is hidden in this number.
The first three digits of the page in the Incometax Department represent the English alphabet series. This alphabetical series consists of a series of three English letters from AAA to ZZZ. Which is determined by the income tax department.

The fourth number of the PAN card indicates the status of the income taxpayer.If P is in the fourth place, it indicates that it is a personal number. That is, it does not belong to any one person. If it is F then understand that this number belongs to some firm. Similarly C to Company and AOP to Association of Person, T to Trust, H to Undivided Hindu Family, B to Body of Individual, L to Local, J to Artificial Judicial Person, G to Government.

The fifth digit of the PAN card is also an English letter. It shows the first letter of the cardholder’s surname. For example, if one’s surname is Kumar, the fifth digit of the PAN card will be K if it is Khurana. The first letter of the surname comes after four digits. This number can be any four digits between 00001 to 9999. Is the series number of the income tax department.

The tenth digit of the PAN card is also an English letter. According to the income tax department, it could be a check number of the alphabet. This can be any letter from A to Z.