notice and will empty the bank account These apps delete :Cases of users being targeted by mobile apps are constantly coming up. Android users have been warned to shut down 23 mobile apps immediately with another written warning. These apps do not even let users know and gradually empty their account. Researchers at cybersecurity and software firm Sophos have uncovered these dangerous apps. According to the report, these are all fleeceware apps and they have violated the policy of Google Play Store.
don’t even notice and will gradually empty the bank account These apps, delete now
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Researcher Jagdish Chandraiha said in a blogpost that Google’s new rules are designed to catch misleading marketing display copy although there are some flaws in it that allow for some dangerous work.

What are Flashware Apps
Let’s say that Flashware is a type of malware mobile application. Which comes with a hidden subscription fee. This application takes advantage of users who do not know how to cancel their subscription after deleting the app.

How does this app work?
These apps lime users in many ways. This spam lures users in the name of a free trial in addition to the subscription but does not say when the subscription will end and how much is charged thereafter. Another way is to display the term and condition in such a way that it is almost impossible to read it. Jagdish said, “Once you sign-up, many apps are subscribed without permission. Often users don’t even know it and thousands of apps start subscribing. ‘

notice and will empty the bank account These apps delete :