Users tired of Whats App, The app is being downloaded
Whats App is currently the most popular instant messaging app in the world. However, users are often questioned about privacy.With the recent Whats App account being hacked by around 1400 people worldwide including India, people are now resorting to other multimedia messaging apps. According to Cyber Expert, people are downloading Telegram and Signal App a lot.According to a report released by American app analytics firm App A, the signal reached 39th in the social networking app's downloading list on the Apple Store last Sunday, compared to 105th last week.

Simultaneously, the Google Play Store has been ranked as the 31st most downloaded signal signal. Which was previously ranked 255th. At the same time, people are downloading telegram app too. According to Security Experts, the American app signal and Russia's app telegram are more secure than WhatsApp.
According to a report by App Intelligence Firm Similler Web, the number of Indian users in the global users of Telegram in June 2017 was only 2% which has increased to 12% by September 2019. 91 million users have installed Telegram in September alone.

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It is worth mentioning that after spying on the WhatsApp account of 1400 journalists and social workers, the trust of WhatsApp has been building up. In a US court recently, WhatsApp has accused the NSO group of Israel of hacking through Pegasus software, which has since started a crackdown.