Bad news about internet speed, India's situation worse than Pakistan: Ookla
When it comes to mobile Internet in the country, the talk starts at 4G data speed. But buffering the problem for Internet users in India today. In other countries of the world, the problem of buffering for Internet users is not the same, but even in India, there is a problem of internet buffering despite the 4G network. Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar are ahead of neighboring countries other than India in terms of internet speed. This country has a double Internet speed.

In a monthly global speed test report by Internet testing, data and analytics company Ookla, India's Internet connectivity fell further in terms of average mobile Internet and fixed broadband speeds.
The report said that in terms of fixed broadband speed, India slipped from 71st in May to 72th in June. Broadband speeds in June were 29.06 Mbps, with a global average of 59.45 Mbps for downloads.

What is the location of India?
According to the report of Ocala, a company measuring broadband speed, India was ranked 128th in terms of mobile internet speed in September 2019. The average download speed globally was 29.5 megabytes per second, with upload speed at 11.34 Mbps, according to Ocala's Global Index. South Korea ranked first on the global network with download speeds of 95.11 Mbps and upload speeds of 17.55 Mbps.

Country                    Download Speed               Update Speed                Rank
Sri Lanka                 22.53                                  10.59                             81st
Pakistan                   14.38                                  10.32                             112th

How far is India?
Talking about India, it is ranked at 128th with 4.38 Mbps of download speed. However, due to fixed line broadband speed, India was ranked 72nd ahead of its neighbors this month, with availability of 4G networks in India at 87.9%. The availability of 4G networks in Pakistan and Bangladesh was 58.9 percent and 58.7 percent respectively.