Police Bharati Related Latest News 2021
Police Bharati Related: DISH HAR RAJKOT PSI, ASI AND CONTABLE RECRUITMENT POLICY RECOMMENDATION OF PRILIMS CANDIDATE ON RESIDENCE MERCHASE Understand the plight of police recruitment students in this way.
Hospice Crime Reporter (Rajkot) has announced the recruitment rules of PSI ASI crore. According to the previous rule, a candidate will be recruited for 5 km of Hori Contable in 25 minutes in which if 5 races are completed in 25 minutes, the candidate is said to have passed a physical test The candidate who completes the race in minutes comes to the forefront with high merit while as a rule.

The decision to make the merit of this race has to be made, this rule is deducted from the candidate who completes the race in 25 minutes over the years. For example, in the recruitment of PSI, the sixth road protest has started among the candidates and has been implemented but this time physical seven lakh youths are filling up the forms.

the recruitment of 1 thousand PSIs is announced, the merit of the first runner-up will be announced Only 15 thousand students who get high merit in the test will be considered eligible for prelims.
Suppose 2.50 lakh candidates who have got high merit in the physical test which is brilliant in the study despite the case, have completed the race in 25 minutes but only 15 thousand candidates who have completed the race in 18 or 19 minutes can be deprived of selection. Will be selected, another 2.35 lakh candidates will be physically able; Fear that millions of candidates will be selected for the prelims, even though they will not be allowed to sit for the prelims examination. 

Police Bharati Related Latest News 2021
Millions of such candidates have a good score in the prelims paper and in this case their qualifications for higher studies will not be taken into consideration even though they are able to get higher merit by the next physical merit system. These days, there is a rift among the candidates in the recruitment rules. With the demand for change, the state is setting the stage for a tax demonstration with a demand for a change in the rules.

Police Bharati Related Latest News 2021
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Fierce agitation Thousands of students have completed the race in 18 or 19 minutes. Will be thrown. The new rules for the recruitment of millions of such students will ruin their careers. This rule of quiet minimum recruitment of 1 out of 10 Mobarasi will make the educational qualification nil