Even if you do not mistakenly consume these things with tea, these can be harmful to health
Tea is everyone's favorite. Breakfast with morning-evening tea. Really tea works as a tonic. Winter tea drinking is more fun. Many people drink tea several times a day. However excessive consumption of tea is considered to be very detrimental to health and well-being.

Consumption of these items with tea has a bad effect on the body.
Tea comes more in Masti's breakfast. More and more people are eating what they want with tea.
But there are many things that can cause serious illness if eaten with tea. So let me tell you never drink these things with tea.

Do not eat chickpea flour with tea
More and more people prefer to drink fried tea. But let me tell you that things made from chickpea flour should never be drunk with tea. Eating besan with tea depletes the body of nutrients. This can lead to digestive problems.

શુ તમે પણ ચા સાથે ભૂલથી પણ ન કરો આ વસ્તુઓનું સેવન, સ્વાસ્થ્ય માટે બની શકે છે નુકશાનકારક

Do not take lemon with tea
Don't accidentally eat anything with lemon tea. Consuming lemon with tea can cause gas, constipation and digestive problems.