Online Driving License Service: No need to push RTO office, verification will be done with support, 18 features can be availed from online platform
This feature will save you both time and money
You will be freed from the clutches of brokers

The Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways has made a big decision. Now you don't have to go to the RTO office for all the features of a driving license. It will be verified by your support. This will save you both time and money. Under it, 18 facilities have been digitized.

No other documents need to be provided for driving license and vehicle registration. You have to go to and get your Aadhaar card verified. These 18 features can then be availed.

Commencement of contactless service
The ministry on Thursday launched contactless service through Aadhaar verification. Now you don't have to go to the RTO office for renewal of driving license, duplicate license, registration application etc. The government delivery process has been simplified by using the Aadhaar card as an identity document.

The facility will be available through the vehicle portal
In order to avail the contactless service through the portal, anyone has to undergo Aadhaar verification, the ministry said in its notification. If one does not have an Aadhaar card, he can take advantage of these features by showing an Aadhaar enrollment ID slip. Even if you have to surrender the license, you can do so through Aadhaar.

Take advantage of these features
The services that you can avail now through Aadhaar will include learning license, driving license. You no longer need to take a driving test in a renewal license. Duplicate licenses can also be taken from it. It can also be used to change the address in the license, to issue an international permit. Notice of transfer of ownership can also be availed.

The vehicle will be facilitated from the platform
These services can be taken from the vehicle's online platform. You also have to register here through Aadhaar. It will then be verified. You can then select that feature if you wish. You can then apply for it. Until now you had to go to the RTO office for any licensed job in the country. For that you had to pay the broker and wait a long time. But now this new rule will remove all the problems related to your license and you can take advantage of it online.