Diagnostic test starting from March 15 will create administrative problem.  In 6th to 8th, private schools are protesting against the same examination system. Annual examination will be organized in the school individually. Board of Governors 1 Instruction to schools to send question papers to Surat students. Offline classes will be started in schools across the state including Surat. Tender work is not possible.  It seems appropriate to make photocopies from the school level by doing the semester exams.  The schools have already started preparations.  

Test papers will now have to be sent to the students. Wherever possible, students are instructed to conduct a diagnostic test after the state education system decides to conduct the same examination by sending test papers to the school from Std. 6th to 8th otherwise as a periodic test.  
The first semester diagnosis will have to send the question papers of the whirlwind test in the private school circle just like the periodic test.  Has started.  In the same diagnostic test for all subjects of Std-6 to 8 starting from March 15, the first session of Std-6 to Std-5 was started with the circular about the schedule of the examination from the first session of Diagnosis test with the fear of creating administrative problem. 

 In which it has been decided to do all the means of the state.  However, the private school has been invited to take the annual examination by the Government, Granted and Self Supporting Primary Self Supporting School Board - Surat, including the students studying in the Self Supporting Schools.  The state education system has recently decided to conduct the assessment with the same question papers.  The first session is being held across the state.