If you also suffer from acidity every day, then this superfood is a cure for the problem
The problem of acidity has now become much more common.  The main reason is our food pattern and lifestyle.  Junk food like pizza, pasta and samosa burgers and spicy and fried foods outside are the main reasons.  In addition, the habit of waking up late at night and getting up late in the morning also has a bad effect on digestion.  The habit of drinking tea and coffee frequently also causes acidity problems.
If you are bothered by acidity, try home remedies
Having acidity every day makes health worse
Eating bananas will eliminate acidity

The habit of going to bed early also increases the acidity.  They also have acidity if they have a habit of drinking less water.  Incorporating some superfoods into a routine diet can relieve acidity.

Bananas are the best fruit and natural antacid.  Regular consumption of bananas for breakfast can get rid of the problem of acidity.

Coconut water
Coconut water is naturally alkaline.  So it naturally helps to reduce acidity.

Many people have a habit of swallowing something after a meal.  People with acidity problems are less likely to develop acidity if they use both time jaggery in their meals.

Ajmo, Tulsi, Mint gives quick relief in acidity.  It can be used in different ways.  But if you use these herbs daily, you will be able to keep the acidity away.
We have a tradition of eating aniseed after meal there.  Because it keeps the digestive system clean by keeping away acidity.  So don't forget to eat aniseed after meal.

White pumpkin juice
White pumpkins are more common in North India.  Its juice is very curative.  Drinking white pumpkin juice every morning will not cause acidity.  But those who have a cough nature should not drink this juice.  Because the effect of white pumpkin is cool.