The Gujarat High Court is angry over those who fled without wearing masks as the transition to corona is raging in the state. The High Court has taken a stern stance against those caught without masks. Following which, the Gujarat government has been ordered to provide compulsory community service of 5 to 6 hours to the people caught without masks at Kovid Care Center.

The High Court had directed the government to keep people without masks in the Kovid Center for eight days. Two days ago, the High Court had expressed concern over the rising number of corona cases in Gujarat. The High Court directed the state government to take strict measures to prevent the transition. The High Court had turned a blind eye to masked people in Corona's critical condition and directed the government to work for 8 days at the Covid Center with a fine from those without masks. The government should consider the issue and submit its reply in due course.

Important: Community Center never encrypts existing data on your device or stores any encrypted data on your device's continuous storage. This also applies to the private data of client applications. Also, the Community Center never sends any encrypted data over the Internet. Protection only applies to data channels between devices in the local Wi-Fi network.

Those without masks will have to do fine, community service
Important decision of Gujarat High Court ... People who do not wear masks will have to do compulsory community service in Kovid Care Center. The High Court has directed the state government to issue a notification on the issue. Appropriate responsibility for community service should be assigned considering the age qualification and other matters of the person not wearing a mask. A person who does not wear a mask must do five to six hours of community service daily. The duration of this community service can be from 10 days to 15 days. The court also directed the state government to implement the order immediately and submit a report in a week.
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To start a new community:
- Open the "Communities" tab
- Press add menu button
- In the name of the community in the dialog box. You will not be able to change it later because the name is embedded in the certificate.
- Press OK and wait until the root certificate is generated.
- You can now add new members. Your new community is set to the default detectable mode. You can change it by clicking the checkbox next to the community name.

To join an existing community you must go through the pairing process:
- Make sure your device is in the same Wi-Fi network as the community owner
- Make sure the community you want to join is set to search mode on the owner's device.
- Open the "Communities" tab
- Press the join menu button and wait a while until the search is complete
- Select the community you want to join in the dialog box
- You will be asked to confirm the security number on both devices
- The owner may choose to allow you to add new members to the community
- Then the owner application will create a certificate for you.
- Now you're done. With your device in the same network as a member of another community (not necessarily with the owner), it will automatically connect, and the other device will appear in the "Devices" tab.