Std 3 To 8 October Unit Test Aayojan Babat Paripatra
The Board of School Governors has also issued a statement regarding this decision. Manan Choksi, president of the Association of Progressive Schools (AOPS), said the government had proposed a 20 per cent reduction in school fees. In addition, we also introduced that only parents who pay two-quarter fees from April to September, 2020, i.e. by October 31, 2020, will get the benefit of 20 per cent fee waiver and those parents who pay late fees will not get the benefit of this facility. Today the state government has announced a 25 per cent fee waiver instead of our 20 per cent fee waiver. We are waiting for the GR of the government to know the details of the terms and conditions under which this fee waiver will be granted. If our submission is included in the GR, we will implement it.

The High Court had directed the government to take an independent decision to reduce school fees. During the hearing, the High Court said that the state government has the power to decide on the fees. The High Court, while disposing of the petition, asked the government to take a fair decision in its own way and issue a circular on the fees.

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The school administrators were not ready to waive the fees or bow down. In three to four meetings held by the government with the administrators, the school principals were not ready to bow down at all.  The government, in its application to the High Court, submitted that a meeting has been held with the administrators in the fee case to find a middle ground.  The government had offered to waive 25 per cent of the students ’fees, which the administrators refused.