StayFree - Screen Time Tracker & Limit supper Application
People are getting more and more hooked in to mobile phones. Whether it's adults or children, at dinner or at parties, the matter of mobile addiction has become increasingly serious. most of the people simply don't realize that they spend tons of your time a day on their apps and games. By using screen time, we will better understand the utilization of our mobile phones. Then whether it’s a game or an app, once you install Screen Time, you’re a time management conscious person. A successful person can manage his time better.
                                                   StayFree - Screen Time Tracker & Limit supper Application
♢What is StayFree?
StayFree may be a simple and user-friendly Android application that allow you to point out what proportion time you spend on your smartphone and your favorite apps. you'll set usage limits for your apps and receive alerts when exceeding those usage limit. you'll also view the small print of your usage and statistics on your usage history.
♢What makes StayFree special?
✔ Highest rated Self Control app
✔ Extremely fast and user-friendly interface
✔ Most accurate usage statics
✔ Quick customer support
✔ Battery friendly

♢App’s Features:
StayFree is ad-free!
★ App usage history: view charts and statistics of your usage history.
★ Over-use reminder: notify you once you are spending an excessive amount of time in an app.

Weekly use of the application
By checking mobile phone usage statistics in the last week up to one week of application use. Know your daily mobile phone usage trends,
Application and category limits
You can set a daily duration limit for each app or application type, and you can set a different duration for each day, such as on the weekends. There is more game access time. You can set different time limits for each day individually. When access time arrives, you will be notified and a page like Apple will be displayed. This will remind you that using an app or category is overtime.

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