24 Best Cold and Flue Home Remedies
Many people suffer from runny nose, cold, cough and sore throat due to the current double season. But even minor problems can be solved with home remedies. Here is a simple remedy to get rid of all these problems forever. By adopting which you can get relief from these problems. Let us know.
The best herb is sugar
Use sugar precisely to treat sore throat, stuffy nose, cold and cough. Sugar has been used in Ayurveda for centuries. This also activates the immune system. It is also considered to be useful in acidity and gastric problems. Let me tell you that this is a medicine if you are swallowing sugar. Which is very useful for the health of the body.

However sugar is unrefined. You can also use nutritious sugar instead of regular processed sugar. This maintains the level of hemoglobin in the body. Which improves blood circulation and also protects against diseases like anemia.

Way of eating
To remedy this, combine pepper powder and ghee in sugar and put it in a glass jar. Then mix it in 1 glass of milk and drink it every night after meal. It will cure all colds, coughs, sore throats and stuffy noses. Also, if the phlegm has accumulated, you can mix it in hot water and drink it to remove it.
The flu (or influenza) is caused by a virus. Several kinds of viruses can give you the flu. While there’s no cure for the flu, there are natural remedies that might help soothe flu symptoms. They may also help shorten how long you have the flu.
We’ll review 10 natural remedies and explain how to use them, and why they can help.

24 Best Cold and Flue Home Remedies

Drinking water and other fluids is even more important when you have the flu. This is true whether you have a respiratory flu or a stomach flu.