Learn what a lockdown Impact Recovery of common man life
Increased outbreak of corona virus in the country has led to lockdown situation in many states.  Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Punjab have been locked down till March 31.  Lockdown has taken place in 75 districts of the country, including many cities.  Usually heard of a strike-curfew but eventually the question is what is this lockdown?  How will it affect our lives?Insurance Loans for mortgage, Insurance Loans for Attorney. It's all depends on your Credit Score. You can hire a Lawyer or Degree Experts after that Hosting You can Trading using Software you can Donate & Claim. 

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 In the meantime only necessary or allowed to leave their home in case of emergency.  All markets, commercial units, shops, public transport will be closed during lockdown.  However the required service is restored.

 During the lockdown public transport services, private buses, taxis, auto rickshaws, rickshaws, e-rickshaws, all shops, workshops, offices, godowns, weekly markets, trains, metro service, construction work and religious institutions will be closed. When life begins with essential things like milk, vegetables, medicine, hospital and clinic, ration shops, bank cash services, telecom, internet and post services.

During the lockdown, the work of the police and law enforcement departments continues.  Apart from this, the health department staff, firefighter personnel, jail department staff, electricity and water offices, cleaning staff will remain unchanged. 

Learn what a lockdown Impact Recovery of common man life
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In the meantime, media workers will be allowed to travel.  The government has kept petrol pumps and ATMs in the required range.  So it can be launched as needed.