How far the threat of CORONA to Gujarat, Rupani discloses: relaxation given to police
Corona cases are on the rise in the state. The state CM Vijay Rupani said that there were a total of 30 positive cases of corona virus in the state. People do not have a habit of staying at home but need to be at home in lockdown. Health experts have advised that corona virus may increase by 31st in Gujarat. People do not leave unnecessary people out of the house and no one should head to the police. CM Rupani further said that New York has grown to 5,000 cases in a single day. So we also need to be careful. He assured that there would be no shortage of goods in the state. Police commissioners across the state have ordered that section 144 applies in metros. 

Vehicles will be detained with legal action against the person leaving the house without work. The police have now become strict as Rupani has given open concessions to the police. The central government has asked the state governments to expeditiously implement the lockdown. The Modi government has given the police permission to take action against the people who violated the lockdown, after the Modi government took down the government. In the morning, the scenes of section 144 were changed immediately after noon. Police had started the process of closing roads.

A crime against a crowd gathered in a ditch in Ahmedabad
Appeal of the Police Commissioner to the people in his house
A crime was registered against 40 people
Police can detain the vehicle when exiting the house
Where there is a lockdown, Corona cases are also increasing
People should not leave home without work
The essence of life is not the essence of things
CM Rupani holds a video conference with trade industry associations
Article 144 is applicable in Ahmedabad
Cab service stopped in Ahmedabad

Rising case of Corona virus has been locked down in 6 metros in the state. Lockdown is being breached in some cities. In such a situation, Ahmedabad Police Commissioner Ashish Bhatia has said that action will be taken to seize the vehicles of those who break the lockdown. Apart from this the cab service was shut down in Ahmedabad .. If the situation worsens due to corona, complete lockdown will be done in the city. Section 144 is currently implemented in Ahmedabad. He further said that action will be taken against the wrong informant at number 104.

This time the morning is not to play cricket in the morning or in the street
The lockdown has been publicly breached in Ahmedabad, amid a panic of Corona virus, in six metros of the state. So that the Ahmedabad Corporation has come into action. Ahmedabad Mayor Bijal Patel and Municipal Commissioner appealed to people not to leave the house. Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra said that people are leaving their homes in the wake of lockdown in Ahmedabad. In such a situation, people should understand the seriousness of the corona virus. In response to the epidemic, people have been appealed to stay in the house for two weeks. 

He said that this time, he would not play cricket in the morning or walk in the street. So that all the people have been appealed to comply with the lockdown. Vijay Canal further said that 13 cases have been registered in Ahmedabad district. Ahmedabad has recorded 12 cases. Of these, 10 are cases that came from abroad. In addition, arrangements are being made to keep five thousand people in quarantine. When 550 families contacted us asking for help staying at Home Quarantine.

The number of positive coronary patients increased to 29
The number of positive coronary patients has increased to 29 in the state. In Ahmedabad, two cases have been registered in Vadodara, 2 in Surat, 2 in Gandhinagar, one each in Rajkot and Kutch. This is the first death from Corona in Surat. The state government has confirmed the death of an elderly man in Surat. So two more positive cases have been registered in Surat. On the other hand, two suspected coronary patients have died in Vadodara. Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat have the highest number of cases registered in the state. 

Vadodara city has registered 3 new cases of corona virus today. Vadodara has reached 6 cases of corona virus cases. Of the 12 Sri Lankan people, a man had previously reported a positive case of the corona virus. Since then, his wife, daughter and daughter-in-law have had a positive case of the corona virus. This has led to a tussle in the system. Thus, the report of the corona virus of 4 members of the same family has started running positively. This includes her husband of 52 years, his wife, 27 year old daughter and 29 year old daughter.

There have also been positive cases of coronas in Gandhinagar and Rajkot. The government has announced a shutdown in the five metros of the state till March 25, keeping in view the seriousness of the Corona virus. During the shutdown in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara, the store of essential cheese items will be opened. Besides, public services including STs have also been closed in all five cities.

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14000 deaths worldwide
More than 192 countries have been exposed to the corona virus. 14,616 people have died due to the epidemic. Italy has been the biggest influencer after China. So far 14,000 people have died due to pandemic coronary virus in the world while more than 3 lakh people have been infected with corona. After China, the worst situation was Italy. 651 people were killed Sunday in Italy. In addition, the death toll from Corona in Italy has risen to 5 thousand 475. The first Saturday, 793 people were killed. Migrated with Corona Virus in Italy.