Aadhaar card has become a very important document. This document is the identity of the person. While Aadhaar card is required for bank, culinary gas and ration work. To update a new or old Aadhar card, you have to go to the post office or the bank. People have to stand in long queues to update the card, which wastes their time. In this case, you can update the name and address in your Aadhar card right from home. So let's know how to update the name and address in the Aadhar card.
Make changes this way
First of all you have to go to Aadhar card official website. Then, in the Support Online Services section, select Update Support. Now you have to tap on the option to update the name or address.
A new tab will open in front of you, with the update option appearing with some rules. After doing this, tap on the option to update the address or name. After doing so, you will need to log in and enter the Aadhaar number. After that, OTP means a one time password will come to your registered number.

After entering OTP you have to tap on the option for personal data update.
In this, you can select the Name or Address option. Enter the correct name or address now.
Following the Data Update Request, you will have to provide some documents including your passport, bank statement, bank passbook, post office account passbook, ration card and voter card etc. You will also need to sign this document and upload a photocopy of it. Please say that you only need to provide one document.

Then, select your nearest BPO service provider and click the Submit Request button. You will now receive an update request number. With this number, you will be able to download and print a copy of the request acknowledgment. After submitting the request, your new address and name will be updated within a few days and you will receive an email or mobile number.