Vanchan Abhiayan Bisag Talim Na Main Muddao Ane Vanchan Module
An international fund is a mutual fund which invests in companies of countries other than its domicile country. International funds in India are also known by other names such as foreign funds. These funds have the potential of giving relatively higher returns due to their expanded investment horizon. They benefit by investing in all types of economies – developed, developing as well as underdeveloped. However, due to the multiplicity of investment avenues, they are exposed to volatilities not at a national level but at an international level.

Learning Outcomes is an educational theory that bases each part of an educational system around goals or achievements.When the learner learn about his/her course and by the end of the educational term,every student would be examine by test which is oral or written.The student might have achieved the goal.There is no single specified style of teaching or assessment in learning outcomes.
Learning outcomes are called Adhyayan nishpatti in Gujarati language.Now a day,Gujarat government has changed the course on the base of the NCERT course in 2019.learning outcomes are the basis of the values of each subjects's method.Every student has to learn all the learning outcomes means Adhyayan nishpatti.

The teacher is teaching on the base of learning outcomes.thereafter on the end,the teacher is evaluating all the students and then which student is not pass out the learning outcome,the teacher will again try to study again for the students on learning outcomes

Vanchan Abhiayan Bisag Talim Na Main Muddao Ane Vanchan Module
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Vanchan Abhiayan Start To May Be November 2019