News about the retirement age of the employees
Biometric, mobile Attendance App - Track Time, Photo, Location & Visits of staff
ubiAttendance App offers the surest way to track employees attendance with GPS location wherever, whenever you want. Clients in 37 countries love our App already! Works even in remote areas in offline mode. Enjoy 15 days free trial of the Premium plan. The Basic plan is absolutely free.
4 way track User ID + Time + Selfie + Location. Keep a check on employee Time with 100% accuracy. No more proxy!

Why our Attendance App is superior to Bio-metric Time Clocks
1. Quick Start: Just Register your company. Add Employees. Employees login by Phone no/Email/QR code & punch time. Track employees time & attendance. Simple?
2. Punch Visits: Attendance can be marked anytime, anywhere - every time. Track visit details of mobile workforce with photo, location & time. Even construction site, factory, farm workers can easily punch Time in & Time out.
3. Flexi Shift: Perfect solution for Employees which do not have defined Shifts – they may be Employees who are called when required, part time helpers, work from home engagement, drivers etc.
4. Group Attendance: Many times employees could forget marking their Time In/Out. With the Group Attendance feature Employees can request their Managers to mark their missed punched, overtime hours etc. The Managers can simply do that from within the Mobile Application.
5. Hassle free: Unlike Bio-metric time attendance machines - No hardware installation. No Software required. No office space required. Updates are free.
6. Highly Affordable: Budget friendly App. 15 days Free Trial. Our App is subscription based. Low investment risk. Start with 5 employees. Nominally priced.
7. One Stop Solution: Can be extended to manage leave & Payroll. Integrates easily with HR software.
8. Every Industry: Works equally well for Construction sites, Factories, Security Agencies, Hospitals, Travel Agencies, MNC's, Service Industry etc.
9. Data Safety: Track employees from anywhere even when the managers are travelling. Data is fully secured on cloud.
10. Insightful Reports & Graphs: Track late comers, early leavers, absentees, employee’s overtime & under time, Client Visits with powerful reports.
11. Scalable: The App grows with your organization. You can even take just 1 month's plan of a small group. Our Time Attendance App caters to business of all sizes - Start-ups, SMEs, Large Enterprises.
12. Configurable: Add/Edit departments, designations, shift timings, Week offs & holidays.
13. Geo Fence: Set up virtual boundary for Employees. Get insight on employees outside the fence.
Here’s how our App works

• Employee punches his time through Phone no/Email or QR code.
• The location along with the world clock time and selfie will also be captured.
• The Time tracking software also generates all kinds of reports for the management – they can now keep a close track on defaulters.

Hello friends In this article I will give you information about a great fun app and I will also give you news about the retirement age of the employees. You can also download a PDF of the two criteria created by the central government.

News about the retirement age of the employees

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