The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won the 2019 Lok Sabha elections because of the strong image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apart from this, the Modi government also played an important role in the achievements of the previous tenure and the Balakot strike. This was revealed in the India Today-Carvy Insight ‘Mood of the Nation’ survey. The survey was conducted in 97 parliamentary constituencies in 19 states of the country just days after the election results. In the meantime 12 thousand 126 people participated in the survey.

During the survey, people were asked why the Narendra Modi-led NDA won by a huge majority. In response to this question, 35 per cent believed that the image of PM Modi’s strong leader was the most influential factor.
That is, 65% of the population rejected this logic. According to the survey, 16 per cent of the population believed that the Balakot strike on Pakistan after the Pulwama attack also played a significant role in the victory of the BJP.
At least 5 percent of the respondents believed that BJP president Amit Shah won because of his strategy. 11% attributed the Modi government’s work to the victory of the BJP and the NDA. Apart from that, 8 per cent believed that the BJP had made a good grip on all media platforms, so they won. In the survey, 7 per cent of the respondents believed that the BJP took the issue of nationalism in the polls so that their votes were cast in favor.
In the Mood of the Nation survey, 6 per cent believed that the campaign ‘I Bhi Chowkidar’, launched by PM Modi, also played a key role in winning. Apart from this, 5% believed that the strategy of taking the allied party together also benefited.
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