India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day. On this occasion, the fertilizer company Ifco (IFFCO) has given a gift to the farmers. Ifco reduces DAP and NPK fertilizer prices by Rs 50 per bag. As you can tell, at present the Modi government of the central government has increased subsidies to stabilize the prices of non-urea fertilizers. Due to this, there will be an additional burden of Rs 22,000 crore on government exchequer. The government has taken this step to ensure availability of nutrient-rich fertilizers at reasonable prices, reduce agricultural costs and increase farmers’ income.

Cheaper chemical fertilizer – Chemical fertilizer company Ifco has reduced DAP and NPK fertilizer prices by Rs 50 per bag. The company sees this reduction as a gift for farmers.New Prices – After the reduction from IFFCO, the price of NPK I has now dropped from Rs 1250 per bag to Rs 1200 per bag. While the price of NPK II has now gone up to Rs 1210 per bag instead of 1260. Similarly, NPA prices have dropped from Rs 1000 to Rs 950.

What is DAP – DAP’s full name is diamonium phosphate. This fertilizer contains more than half the amount of phosphorus. Some of it is soluble in water, while some are found in soil.

DAP enhances the fertility of the soil as well as nourishes it, helping to propagate the roots. When the root is strong, the crop gets more fruit. What is NPK – NPK fertilizer contains nitrogen phosphorus and potassium. The work of this compost is to strengthen the plant and the fruit. This fertilizer experiment reduces the problem of fruit fall Both fertilizers are granular, so that they are used at the time of planting. So that the plants get stronger and the roots can spread more and more.