If your phone has a CamScanner app, you should definitely read this news
CamScanner is very popular. If your smartphone also has this app then this is very important for you to know. One of the major problems is once again for Android users. Malware has been getting apps from the Google Play Store for some time. Security company Kaspersky Lab said that CamScanner, a well-known document scanning app on the Google Play Store, is finding some dangerous modules that are pushing ads or downloading apps without the user's consent. This app has found a kind of Trojan Dropper which allows hackers to target smartphones and damage your smartphone with any kind of malware.

CamScanner has detected malware and it is likely that many users have been affected and login details have been stolen. This app was removed from the Google Play Store for some time. The reason behind this removal from the Play Store was the dangerous module in this app. Whose paid version is still in the Google Play store.
This app called CamScanner has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.6. Usually people use it to scan any document. Kaspersky said CamScanner was actually a decent app and had no ulterior motives. This app makes money through ads. But this has changed now and more recently the version has a library of advertising with Malicious Module.