The Internet will remain but will not be called, know the 2 secret codes of work in the phone
Gadget desk: Often it happens that you are doing any needed work on the phone and somebody calls it. In particular, if the work is related to the Internet or after somebody is downloading, the call will stop it from coming. Almost all telecom operators in India have also been free to call and because of this, now the friend, relatives and relatives have put the phone to anyone at any time. In case you do not want to get any phone calls during any work you want to call, you will need to dial a secret code for it. The call will stop coming to your phone just by dialing this code.

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According to @WabetaInfo’s report, this feature will be available in the Android Beta version 2.17.163. This feature will be available soon for all users. This video can also be disconnected if the users want it. With this, WhatsApp is working on one more feature that allows users to mute direct. In addition, WhatsApp is also working on the group video calling feature. There are several people who can video call together.

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(No Any One Message In Group/Faltu Message Group Ma Na Karva Nahitar Remove Karva Ma Avshe)
Let’s tell you that, WhatsApp has been launched for the Delete For Everyone, allowing users to delete a message that was mistakenly deleted. If the receiver does not read the message, it can be deleted within 7 minutes. But recently this feature has been a mistake, in which the receiver can also read the delivered message. For that, just have to install an app. After that, if you delete and delete your message, you will still be able to read it.

The Internet will remain but will not be called, know the 2 secret codes of work in the phone
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