Instant messaging app whatsapp is the world's most popular communication platform. This app is being selected around the world, including India. In the F8 developer conference last year, Facebook said that whatsapp user sends 65 billion messages everyday and this figure is constantly increasing. whatsapp users often want to save a special message. The user can take the screen shot and save the message.

How To Save Whatsapp Message Without ScreenShot
Whatsapp messenger features are present in which you can save any message without taking a screen shot. And then that message can be easily accessed. With these features you can bookmark messages by group chat or private chat. These features are available for Android, IOS and Windows users.

Save Message Android users this way:
First of all open your whatsapp messenger. Then go to the chat that you want to save the app. Tap and hold the message you want to bookmark.Now you will see a star icon at the top of the screen. Tap on the star icon and the message will be saved. Just this simple way you can now save the message