Mobile Blast Top 15 Reason
Ratre suti vakhate mobile Aapni pase kyare pan rakhavo tenathi nukshan thai shake che. Tena mate khas 15 vato janavi jaruri che.
Gujaratima mahiti mate niche aapel pdf vancho.

Never break the MOBILE, broken old kid lying on the chest, these 15 bugs.
1. Put a cell phone on the chest and rest ... 
An older cell phone had kicked the bucket as of late in Shahaganj's Rajpur town in Sonbhadra. 70-year-old Ramjantan Patel put a caution on his chest and nodded off on the portable. The morning after the caution broke out, he was promptly hurried to the clinic, yet he kicked the bucket. There have been numerous such occurrences in the previous couple of months. Impact occasions have originated from marked to highlight telephones, with certain insurances, such mishaps can be stayed away from. Never do these 15 things identified with your cell phone.
2. Try not to rest by holding the telephone under the oshika
Resting can be hazardous in light of putting the telephone down the sea, since it additionally expands the temperature of the gadget, it likewise causes weight.
3. Try not to keep telephone in shirt or T-shirt pocket
In the shirt, T-shirt pocket, the cell phone ought not be kept. The threat of mobile phone radiation is an issue, in the event that it is in the core of a telephone to break, it can demonstrate to be increasingly perilous.
4. Try not to charge throughout the night
Numerous individuals have a propensity for charging telephones throughout the night, never do this. This is hurtful for both battery and telephone.
5. Avoid combustible materials
Ward off your telephone from combustible materials, for example, garments, cotton and beds.
6. Try not to utilize copy charger
Continuously utilize your telephone's unique charger. Copy or another telephone charger is unsafe to both battery and telephone.
7. Try not to utilize nearby or copy batteries
On the off chance that you need to energize the telephone's batteries, dependably keep the brand's unique battery. Never utilize the modest and languid quality battery on the telephone.
8. Try not to charge straightforwardly in the sun
Regularly individuals don't focus when setting the telephone on the charge or it doesn't have direct daylight. Remember this, in light of the fact that the telephone can be harmed. 
9. Try not to charge on Power Strip Extension
On the off chance that you are not charged straightforwardly by an electrical extension augmentation, maintain a strategic distance from it.
10. Case and spread not charged Phone
Accusing the telephone of an enormous case or spread likewise builds its temperature and can cause battery harm.
11. Try not to fix in neighborhood shops
Abstain from fixing neighborhood shops if there is a shortcoming in the telephone. Valid telephone fix is accessible at the Othetic Service Center and there are likewise accessible unique parts.
12. Try not to Buy Old Phones from Random Shops
In the event that you purchase a second hand telephone, at that point purchase from a trusted and ensured shop. Additionally check the telephone well.
13. No charge over telephone at charging time
While charging, make certain to take note of that there is no weight on the telephone.
14. Abstain from accusing of a vehicle charging connector
Vehicle charging connector can be utilized in a crisis, however evade customary client use for longer periods. Maintain a strategic distance from however much as could be expected.
15. Try not to utilize if the telephone is hot
In the event that the telephone is excessively hot because of ceaseless utilization, at that point let it be typical for some time.
16. Try not to utilize shoddy power banks

Never break the MOBILE, broken old kid lying on the chest, these 15 bugs.
The power bank's use has turned into a need yet shabby power banks can hurt the telephone. Continuously select Trusted and marked organization's capacity bank.

Ratre suti vakhate mobile Aapni pase kyare pan rakhavo tenathi nukshan thai shake che. Tena mate khas 15 vato janavi jaruri che.
Mobile Blast Top 15 Reason Gujaratima mahiti mate niche aapel pdf vancho.