Education Minister Jachani took over ordinal deadlines today at Swarnim Complex. The higher and Tantric Education, the Mantri Kuberbhai Dandor, Pre-Education Ministry of Bhupendra Sagasama, including the ministers of the department, including other dignitaries, were present. As well as the minister also held a review meeting with the high officials of the Education Department. Jama Minister Gamitbhai Yagharvi has made important decisions for the students of the state, along with the leadership. 906 students to Rs 906 under various schemes of the Education Department Has allowed financial assistance of 7.83 crores.

383 students of Rs.4.51 crore under MySy scheme
383 students under the Chief Minister's Youth self-help scheme (mysy) scheme. Financial assistance of 4.51 crores, under the financial assistance and financial assistance of the Chief Minister of the company, the total of Rs 2,67 crore has decided to pay a total of 429 students of Rs 64.35 lakhs. Apart from this, 5 universities and 5 organizations in the Student Startup and Innovation Policy are Rs. The grant of 86.45 lakh grants has been allocated. As well as 18 teams of winning students in the state-wasted Smart Gujarat for New India Hacthon Competition, "Degital Education Development Fund (DEDF)" in the same way, "Degital Education Development Fund (DEDF)" to wipe the digital classroom, to wipe the digital classroom, To create the facilities of e-library, Rs.15 crore has been allocated this year approved for various purposes such as the purchase of educational software.

Tuition, stay-dinner assistance to more than 80 percntile acquire
It is worth mentioning here that under the Chief Minister Youth Swaroving Plan (mysy), the state's bright and essential students to provide the required economic assistance for higher education, received 80 or more persentile in standard 10, received 80 or more percontile in the Diploma curriculum The students who receive 65% or more marks in the course of entry in the level of the level, and the annual income of Rs 65% or more marks in the Diploma curriculum, the students who are available to Rs 6 lakh, are given the help of tuition fees and book assistance.
Waghani's first decision: Gujarat's new education minister releases money, 906 students to get Rs 7.83 crore financial assistance
Medical-dental students aid of Rs.2.20 lakhs in the year
Under this scheme, students of Medical and Dental Course are Rs. A total of 2.20 lakh assisted in the course of the course during the period of Rs. Apart from Assistance to 9.64 lakh, the Chief Minister's Company Education is about Rs 17 lakh. Assistance of 27.64 lakhs is available. People of the paramedicate, technical courses of pocket courses are Rs 67,000 per year to Rs. Assistance is available to 2.53 lakhs. During the year 2021-22, 65,000 students will be given assistance for Rs.287 crore.

50 percent of tuition fees assistance to students of Medical
Students received in medical colleges under the Chief Minister youth self-reliance scheme, 50% of the tuition fees of tuition fees are Rs. Is available in the limit of 2 lakhs. The Chief Minister Youth Swiological Plan has 50% tuition assistance and the remaining 50% tuition fees assistance, the total tuition fee is available from Chief Minister's Colivision fund. Under this scheme, the students of the Medical Course are available to assistance of Rs 27.64 lakh. Due to which the number of students has increased by 18% in the medial course. Under this scheme, during the year 2021-22, 3,000 students will be given assistance of Rs. 85 crore.

1745 students will receive a help of Rs.2 lakh per year
Ph.D. in the state universities Students of bright and talents obtained in the Course have been started by the state government in the year 2019 to provide the quality of the global horizons to provide financial assistance to the global research. Under this scheme, PHD in the state's universities The students of Rs 15,000 financial assistance (Stipend and other ancillary costs are Rs. 20,000 per year, Rs. Rs 2 lakh for two years, Rs. 4 lakh rupees are given. Year 2021-22 For 1745 students of Rs. 2 lakh articles Rs. 34.90 crore financial assistance will be given.