These documents are required for vacination / corona vacination, the government has issued guidelines.
Publication of guidelines for vaccination campaign in the country.The central government on Monday unveiled guidelines for a massive vaccination campaign in the country. Under the first phase of the vaccination campaign, the government is planning to vaccinate an estimated 300 million people. This includes health workers, people over the age of 50.

●The central government on Monday released guidelines for the vaccination campaign in the country
● In the first phase, the government is planning to vaccinate an estimated 300 million people
● An estimated 100 to 200 people will be vaccinated daily during each session
● The new voter list for the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections will be used to determine the population aged 50 years and above, the central government's guideline said.
● Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport to register on Co-Win website And 12 photo identification documents including pension document can be used.

Guidelines for vaccines
● 100 Approximately 100 to 200 people will be vaccinated during each session during the day.
● After vaccination, the person concerned will be monitored for 30 minutes.
The vaccination team will have a total of five members
● If there is adequate arrangement at the place of vaccination and waiting room is arranged then another session can be arranged.
● The Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network (Co-Win) system is a digital platform used to find beneficiaries listed for vaccination.
◆12 photo identification documents including voter ID card, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport and pension document can be used for self-registration on Co-Win website.
● Only those who are already registered will be vaccinated on the spot, there can be no registration on the spot.
ર Vaccine vials should be kept away from sunlight when a person comes for vaccination. The vial will only be opened when the person arrives for vaccination.
● All unused vaccines with ice packs will need to be returned to distribution cold chain locations after the session.
● First health workers, frontline workers and people over 50 years of age will be vaccinated.
● Vaccination of people under the age of 50 with severe disease and the rest can be done depending on the epidemic status and availability of vaccines