What if he has not achieved 60%? Failing it all? Sounds. There is a common misconception today that children who have not achieved this set of goals fail, and that is why children who have not achieved 60% are brought to the paper with 60% achievement by trying one or the other invalid technique and the pass is declared. Is performed .


50 x 60 means that we have to do quality education work and have it done with the children which results in the achievement of 50% of the children in the class being 606. Gradually increase this achievement every year and in the next few years we achieve the achievement level of 75 x 80, - Suppose we have achieved or achieved the achievement level of 75 X 80, then 80% of the children have achieved this achievement. And 20% of the children did not achieve that achievement .. so to fail the
There is a misconception today that such children have to fail, no, not at all. Even these children have to pass if they achieve 35% achievement, otherwise the progress in education, which has put the child and the whole country in a predicament, is another question - one district 50 x 60 achievement rank for one year Announces - Why did the district announce this number! So why not declare a high or low number?

What is the basic reason for the district to declare this one? Or are there logical things ...? If the annual results of the last year of the children are taken as the basis, then the results on this paper are the same! ? This is because as mentioned above, the results are brought by trying many techniques so that the children do not fail.


Thus, achievement marks are not declared on the basis of results and it is not in the interest of education to declare achievements on the basis of illusory results. Just this sound ... what's the use of this look ?? , While assuming that this figure is made public by obtaining the opinions of teachers. Even then it can be considered