But if there are teachers with Std-6 to 8 qualifications in this case, then as the classes of DHU-6 and 7 are closed, they will have to consider the junior teacher as the seniority in the merging school with the teachers of Std-6 to 8.  In addition, when merging the classes of Std-6 and Std-6 and 7 in a school where there are vacancies in Std-1 to 5 and the teachers of the school who have the qualification of Std-1 to 5 after merging the classes, the teachers in the same school.  Vacancies will be included above.  Quit.  (Dr. M. I. Joshi) Director of Primary Education Gu.Ra.  ગાંધીનગર.

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District Primary Education Officer, District Education Committee, All - Govt. Officer, Town Education Committee, all subjects:  Matter of instruction.  Regarding the above subject, it is to be mentioned that in the resolution number of the education department dated 26/10/2020, the details of the change to be made while merging the schools are given in Chapter-Z.  From the representations received by the office here, it appears that the matter is interpreted differently in different districts.  So that the following is clarified. 

Sikshako/ Vidhyasahayak Na Badali Camp Babat Niyamk No Paripatra Date 24/11/2020

 Teachers working in this standard when merging Std-6 or Std-6 and Std-7 from the school if they have the qualification of Std-1 to 5 then take classes from Std-1 to 5 without merging the school in which the classes are merged  Their consecutive seniority with the teachers working in Std-1 to 5 in the school should not be considered but they should be considered as slaughter.