Password Security 
There are many password backer tools available in the cyber world.  People password protect their social media accounts, bank accounts, email accounts and other important accounts.  But if the password contains even a little bit of raw material or the rules of the password have not been followed, such passwords can be easily broken with the help of Baker software.  Then the account of that person is misused by cyber criminals.  When visiting a website, you often have to type in a username and password when downloading a tablet, installing a plugin, and downloading software.  Now, all the usernames and passwords that are stored on the server, the server claims so secure PASSWORD.  But as a result, things like passwords and e-mail accounts get bitten.  As a result, it is important to keep the password as secure as possible to avoid such problems.  The algorithms of the password backer tool currently available in the market are designed in such a way that it breaks down extremely simple passwords.  As well as the maximum password limit of ten digits, which was once considered a security requirement, this new password breaker tool has now passed. 
How to make a password stronger ?  
»Passwords must be 10 to 12 digits
» Passwords must include alphabets, numbers, and special symbols. 
 Combining capital and small alphabets as alphabets as well as using accent characters 
»Never keep personal information as a password 
 Never keep a word available in any dictionary as a password
 Keep passwords complex and easy for the user to remember.  

Do not save the password in any digital device. The password should be changed every thirty days.  
Have a different password for each different account.  Never save passwords in browser cookies.  
Have two-factor authentication along with the password in the software.
Do not submit the password to any website without encryption.