Car driver exempted from toll: 
Four new toll plazas to be set up between Rajkot-Ahmedabad after six lanes: Bamanbor, Bagodra toll booths to be closed
Only toll will be levied for freight vehicles: New Tolnaka at an average distance of 60 km near Malyasan, Aya, Panashina and Bavla Between Rajkot-Ahmedabad there are two toll plazas namely Bamanbor and Bagodra which will now be removed but it has been decided to add 4 new ones.  However, these four will be toll booths run by the state government so tolls will be collected only from freight and commercial vehicles.  The car does not have to pay toll.

Construction of 6 lane road between Rajkot and Ahmedabad is underway which has been given to the agencies on toll basis.The tollbooth will also be operational once this highway is built and the existing Tolnaka will be closed. The first toll plaza from Rajkot to Ahmedabad will be constructed at a distance of 1.5 km from Maliasan village. The toll booth will be 61 km from Sayla's Aya village, 62 km from Panashina village and 50 km from Bavla.

It comes under the National Highway Authority but the work of making 6 lanes is being done by the state government so the toll booths will be subject to the rules of the state government so toll will be collected only from freight and commercial vehicles. Cars and ST Toll will not be charged from the bus.  The highway project is expected to be completed in July 2021.

The local transporter of Maliyasan is likely to get some relief
As per the toll rule, the locals who are near the toll plaza are given some relief from the toll.  There are several transporter's offices around Mallyasan so these traders are likely to get some relief from the toll.  Thus all four toll booths are under consideration.  However the final decision will be taken soon by the government representative.

Locals protest at Mallyasan Toll Plaza
Marking is going on for the toll plaza at Maliyasan village.  This caused great resentment among the locals and the farmers whose land is to be acquired have refused to accept the land award.  He has also been joined by various industrial associations and has submitted that the toll plaza is against the rule as Maliasan is close to Bamanbor.  However, the minimum distance to the toll plaza will not be limited as the Bamanbor toll will be closed.

The distance between the four toll booths
Aya from Maliyasan - 60 km.
Aya to Panashina - 62 km.
Statues from Panashina - 50 km.