After the Centre clarified that it's not yet fixed any date for the reopening of faculties , rumours started doing the rounds that the Centre won't open schools until December. Taking to Twitter, PIB fact check has claimed this to be fake news and again clarified that no date has been fixed for the reopening of the faculties . Neither there has been any decision to reopen schools from September, nor has there been any decision to not open schools before December.

As India goes through the third phase of unlocking down where shops, malls, restaurants are allowed to resume functions — outside the containment zones — all eyes are now on how the Centre plans to reopen schools. Reopening of the faculties are going to be a serious issue as countries which have reopened schools, including the us , have witnessed a sudden spike within the COVID cases. The education ministry has, within the past, involved several plans to permit the resumption of classes during a staggered manner, but the choice got postponed as parents too aren't keen on sending their children to colleges . A recent report claimed that senior classes will start from September, the fourth month of unlocking down. But the Centre clarified that no such date has yet been fixed. it's also not been decided how long schools will remain shut.