Kids Get data guidance with outstandingly accommodating examination for little adolescents video and pdf Download 
Driving substance forming workshops for radio and TV tasks and getting ready to make substance. 
To make better tasks later on, get analysis about the activities and evaluate it. The establishment produces programs for teachers and adolescents in the age social affair of 6-12 years. These ventures are revealed on Doordarshan's DD-1 and DD-11 channels from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 10:30 am. These ventures recollect subjects for enlightening improvement and educational preoccupation. Adequate thought is taken to keep up both academic and specific quality. These tasks are set up with the help of educators. Discussions are moreover held with point masters if indispensable for the upgrade of the subject.

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Kids Get data preparing with significant assessment for little adolescents video and pdf Download 

Essential activities 
The essential activities of Gujarat Institute of Educational Technology, Ahmedabad are as under: 
Creation and broadcasting of high bore and purposeful radio and TV ventures to update the idea of guidance. 
Making enlightening activities on TV to give incredible quality preparing to instructors and adolescents in a specific age gathering 

Adolescent Fair 
Balmelo is an extraordinary outing for the taking an intrigue kids. Additionally, an open entryway for its sweeping new development. This opens up different heading for development in the adolescent's mind. Which leaves us with something in his mind for his future. This seedling will form into a tree later on. Balmela is a program for adolescents to impart. There is a program to mix the lazy powers in adolescents. Energizing confidence and confidence in youths satisfies value. The total soul makes. The power of thought makes. They ingrain values ​​and assurance. Such adolescents' fairs are sifted through by GCERT in all organization grade schools in the area of Gujarat. Consequently, enrollment, change and quality improvement have extended. 

This assurance depicts the public character parts of India. These pictures are essential for Indian character and heritage. Indians with section establishments wherever all through the world put vigorously in this. Public pictures grant a sentiment of pride and energy in the hearts things being what they are. 

The public pennant is included three level tones with the most raised degree of saffron at the top in comparable degrees. There are three intersection focuses. In the point of convergence of the essential belt is a dull blue wheel which shows the wheel. The structure of the wheel resembles that of Ashoka's section Sarnath Singh. Its thickness is generally proportionate to its width and has 24 flags. The arrangement of the public pennant was attested by the Constituent Assembly of India on 22nd July 1947. 

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◆Gujarati Kakko

◆GUJARATI Barkshari

◆Animals (pranio)

◆Birds (pakshio)

◆Vegetables (shakbhaji)

◆Fruits (FAL)

◆Gujarati number 1 to 100

◆Gujarati abcd learning

All recognize to Bharat Chauhan As An educator. Shabdprit. 
Disregarding the issuance of unlawful guidelines by the organization from time to time, the introduction of the public standard is overseen by plans to hinder absence of regard to the The Flag Code of India, 2002 is an undertaking to join each and every such law, practices, practices and rules for the heading and preferred position of all concerned. 

The Flag Code of India, 2002, came into power on January 26, 2002 and has since replaced the "Pennant Code-Indians". As shown by the game plans of The Flag Code of India, 2002, there is no impediment on display of public standard by people from generally speaking populace, private affiliations, informative foundations, etc. Shirking of absence of regard to 1971 (No. 69 of 1971) and execution as indicated by the imperatives showed up in other approved laws with respect to the issue. 

Kids Get data guidance with accommodating examination for little youths video and pdf Download 
Public winged animal The Indian peacock, Pavo crustatus, is the public winged animal of India. Folks of this species are more clear than females with a splendid blue chest and neck and an engaging copper-green tail with around 200 long plumes. Females are natural shaded, possibly tinier than folks and without a tail. Expansive sentiment move is a phenomenal scene. 
The lotus (Nelumbo nucipera Gerton) is the public blossom of India. This is a sanctified bloom and holds an exceptional spot in the workmanship and fables of old India and has been a favorable picture of Indian culture since a long time ago. 
India is rich in vegetation. Directly available information positions India tenth on the planet in plant tolerable assortment and fourth in Asia. As shown by the review up until this point, 47,000 plant species from approximately 70 percent of the land zone have been depicted by the Botanical Survey of India (BSI). 

Public tree 
The Indian fig tree, Ficus bengalensis, whose branches take after another tree on an immense domain. The roots produce new trunks and branches. In light of this brand name and its life expectancy, this tree is seen as unceasing and one of the dreams and legends of India. For sure, even today, the Vad tree is the purpose of assembly for commonplace life and the Gram Panchayats sit under the shade of this tree. 

Public melody of recognition 
The public melody of commendation of India is played or sung on various occasions. From time to time manages are given for the most ideal introduction of the public psalm on with respect to the public melody of recognition and on what occasions it is played or sung by following authentic suitability on such occasions. A rundown of these guidelines for general information and bearing is imparted in this information sheet.