Education Serve Gujarat Amazing Facts 
Special Bhaskar | Nso's Household Socialization on Education in India reports 9.7 per cent more educated than graduates, 20 per cent uneducated, 7.7 per cent women, 117 per cent men graduate Bhaskar News .In Ahmedabad, 20.4 per cent are illiterate, 23.1 per cent are up to primary, 17.6 per cent are primary and in Gujarat, only 9.7 per cent are between secondary and 17.8 per cent are up to secondary level. 

11.4 per cent of the state is educated up to higher secondary. Among women in rural areas, graduates with a graduate or higher education account for the lowest at 2.7 per cent. 
Gujarat ranks 12th in terms of rural areas. The figures are 4.5 per cent in areas and I7.9 per cent in urban areas of the Government of India's National Statistics Office.

 The recently declared household by 11.7 per cent of men while 7.7 per cent of women are graduates. The average percentage of graduates in Social Consumption on Education in Shia is 10.6, according to India's report. It is July. The highest graduation rate in the country is 24.7 per cent in Delhi for 15 years from 2017 to June 2018.  

The survey was conducted among older people. Only 4.5 percent graduate in rural areas! Men Women 6.2% of the total State Graduate State Graduate Rural. 2.7% 45% Delhi 247 | Maharashtra 13.6 Urban 19.7% 157% 179% Uttarakhand 18.7 Himalayas 2 .. Telangana 158 Punjab 119 Kerala 149 Karnataka 11.4 7.7% Haryana 14.8 Uttar Pradesh 107 Women Only Tamil Nadu 13.8 Gujarat 9.7 Graduates are in Akdatka.