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All your location information is being sold: Read Divya Bhaskar 
Exposure News Spy your every move with the help of your mobile
Data of 30 lakh people of the country and 5 lakh people of Gujarat in 100 GB provided by the French company as a sample
Claim - Pay 000 6000 and get data including the location of 1 lakh people
 Cyber ​​espionage happens not only to VIPs, but also to me
>> When the data of users from more than 100 countries with accounts on various adult dating sites and e-commerce sites was leaked on Monday, Bhaskar exposed the black market of data transactions by talking to agents.  Now in addition to your name, address, business, credit card, debit card, pen, Aadhaar, from which ATM are you withdrawing money, where are you going, what are you eating in which restaurant?  Etc. such information are being sold by data mafias.  The location of your one-on-one movement is sold.  Maps installed in your mobile, dating app, taxi app, gaming app, scanning app, meeting app, sharing app steals this data by getting your consent, which is sold to the mafia.  Empty the account by displaying fake ads to suit your interests.  The 100 GB sample provided by the French company in Bhaskar's sting operation contained data of 30 lakh people from the country and 5 lakh people from Gujarat.

Companies buy location data to sell their brands.  The opponent targets you on social media by creating a cheap product.  Customers who buy their own products can differentiate and create a marketing strategy.  This information reaches your dealer / supplier.

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