Possible dates of Gujarat University's offline examination have been announced, find out from the area.Since Corona, offline education has been largely shut down across the country so far. Education was affected by the lockdown imposed in March. Since then, even the current year's examinations have not been fully conducted. University and college exams in particular were not possible.
Probable dates of offline exams have been announced
Undergraduate, postgraduate examination can be held in 2 stages
The probable dates of offline examinations of the largest university in the state in Gujarat have been announced. According to the information received, this examination can be held in two stages, in which there will be 2 stages of undergraduate and postgraduate.

Probable dates of Gujarat University examination have been announced. The probable dates of the offline exams have been announced. Undergraduate and postgraduate examinations will be held in 2 stages.Examinations can be held in two phases from September 3 and September 12. According to the information, the time of this exam will be 2 hours instead of 3 hours.