New road safety rules announced for and two-wheelers
The US Traffic and Road Signs app has an extensive list of the most frequently used traffic signs in the United States. They are placed over or above the roads to instruct drivers or to provide information to road users, for the safety of drivers and to manage road traffic. These signs indicate to the drivers when to stop, what speed to drive, which path to follow, how fast to walk, etc.
This app contains DMV handbooks held in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 and road signs and test questions from actual DMV permit tests. The signs used in the US are similar to international traffic signals.
The central government has changed the rules of road safety. Some new rules have also been made. The Ministry has recently announced new guidelines for two-wheelers. According to media reports, a handle will become mandatory behind the driver's seat on either side of the bike. Its purpose is to protect those sitting behind. So far most luxury bikes do not have this feature. In addition, legs on both sides have been made mandatory for bike riders.

Also, at least half of the left side of the rear wheel of the bike should be securely covered with sari guards. So that the clothes of the people sitting behind do not get tangled in the rear wheel. Now any bike registered in the RTO office should follow these safety rules.
The ministry has also issued guidelines for placing light containers on bikes. The length of this container should not exceed 550 mm, width 510 mm, and height 500 mm.

If the container is placed on the rear seat, only the driver will be allowed to sit. That is, no one else will be able to sit on that bike. The government will change these rules from time to time.
The government has also recently issued new guidelines on tires. Under this, it would be appropriate to have a tire pressure monitoring system for vehicles weighing a maximum of 3.5 tons.
In this system, the driver gets information about the air conditioner in the vehicle's tires through sensors. The ministry has also recommended the installation of tire repair kits. After the implementation of this rule, the car will not need extra tires.

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