final judgment of the Navratri festival will be taken on the basis of Corona's condition
File photo of Garba Mahotsav: After pressure from the organizers, the government also started debating whether to approve it within the coming days.

While the govt is additionally being pressured by various Navratri organizers to permit the world's largest dance festival and Gujarat's largest Navratri festival, the govt is probably going to reconsider Navratri insight of things in Gujarat. 

On the difficulty of approving the upcoming nine-day Navratri festival within the coming days amid the Corona situation in Gujarat, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said, "No decision has been taken on Navratri at the present, a couple of days ago." Earlier, it had also banned the celebration of Ramzan Eid, Rathyatra, Janmashtami, and Ganeshotsav.

Surabhi Group of Rajkot announced Navratri celebrations as per the rule
Presentation of the organizers to the BJP state president regarding the approval of NavratriWith Navratri ranging from October 17, the organizers are pushing for the approval of Navratri. during which the organizers related to Navratri made a presentation to the BJP state president at the BJP's state office Kamalam today about the approval of Navratri, while the Navratri organizers in Rajkot have even made preparations to sell Garba passes.

The government isn't during a position to permit Navratri in dangerFollowing pressure from the organizers for the Navratri event, the government can also start debating within the coming days whether to approve it, during which a final judgment on approval is going to be taken as per the rule of Kovid 19 supported things within the Corona cases. But it's also learned that the govt isn't able to take any risk to form Navratri.