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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Submission To Keep Primary School Time In The Morning

In the current situation of covid19, people are not allowed to open schools and colleges till August 31 as per the guidelines of his government.
According to the teachers are called, the government should not forget the schools and colleges till 31st May 2020. Earlier, you had to keep the school time in the morning till 31st May 2020 and if it was kept as per the suggestion, then now as per the suggestion till 31st May 2020 or the children should not be called to school. Request to give instructions from Aap Saheb Shri to keep the school time in the morning till now.
The matter of making the primary school time in the morning was introduced by the Primary Education Union.Now the Union has submitted the State Government to the State Government for taking the school time in the morning in August. At present, the school time is in the morning, but in the month of August, the head of the school has made a presentation about primary education. You can also read this letter which has been placed here as part of the presentation on the subject of school hours in the morning.

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