Preparations for Unlock 3 start in Gujarat, find out what will open and what can stay closed? But this is a problem!
Unlock-2, which was released after the outbreak of Corona virus, is coming to an end on Friday, July 31st. The government is preparing for Unlock 3 amid the Corona epidemic. Gym and theaters are expected to start in Unlock 3. Theater operators may be allowed to open theaters with 25 per cent seats. There is a bit of resentment among administrators over the government's decision. 
Administrators agree to start with 50 percent of the seats. Managers believe the loss will be higher at 25 per cent. No wonder this is a big problem in Gujarat. Let me tell you that 200 theaters in Gujarat have been completely closed for five months now.

A proposal has been sent to the Home Ministry to open theaters in Unlock 3. Cinema hall owners are willing to start theaters by selling 50% tickets, but the government wants to allow with only 25% ticket sales. However, many cinema hall owners in the country are not ready to open theaters with 25% capacity. According to sources, the central government may offer some concessions by announcing Unlock-3 from August. Unlock-3 in particular may be allowed to open multiplexes, single cinema halls and gyms. However, schools and metro services across the country will remain closed as before. 

But in Unlock-3, schools and metro services across the country will remain closed as before. Not only this, with the cinema in Unlock-3, the door of the gym is also likely to be unlocked. Meanwhile, the idea of ​​opening schools and metros across the country is not being considered at present. Unlock-3 will also offer some more concessions for all states, initially thought of opening school colleges, but the government, concerned over the growing transition to Koro, may still keep educational institutions closed.