Gujarat government, now rickshaw pullers have to wear this color uniform
Uniforms are prescribed for rickshaw pullers in the state. Rickshaw pullers have to wear blue aprons on their clothes. The state Department of Transportation has taken this decision. The government has also claimed that a meeting was held with the rickshaw pullers earlier. And this apron must be worn by rickshaw pullers. The decision was taken after a meeting with the rickshaw pullers' association and the government.

The Department of Ports and Transport of the Government of Gujarat has issued a circular in this regard. In this circular, it was stated by the department that for the purpose of easy identification of auto rickshaw drivers in the state, the issue of prescribing separate uniforms for auto rickshaw drivers under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Gujarat Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 was under consideration by the government. Following which the state government has amended the Gujarat Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 from the declaration dated 16-11-2019 to provide that the drivers of public transport vehicles will have to wear uniforms
The circular further said that a meeting was held with various Auto Rickshaw Drivers' Associations to determine the uniform of auto rickshaw drivers. Based on the discussions held in these various meetings, the government has passed a resolution regarding the uniforms of auto rickshaw drivers. According to the resolution, blue aprons are prescribed as uniforms for auto rickshaw drivers in the state.

Gujarat government, now rickshaw pullers have to wear this color uniform

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