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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Jillafer Badli No Arji Camp Babat Paripatra

Jillafer Badli No Arji Camp Babat Paripatra
Subject: - Matter of giving applications for district transfer to the concerned districts,
Reference: - Resolution No. of Shi V. - PRE / 11-2018 18 / K  25/2017 Regarding the above subject and reference, to state that, as per the resolution of the education department dated 7/06/2018, chapter - as per rule-3 of the district transfer, the teachers who want to transfer the district should apply for the district transfer from 1st December to 31st December of that year.  The District Primary Education Officer in his / her district has to do the prescribed form.  As per Rule-3, the applications received at the district level are divided into section wise (2) and district wise, such applications have to be submitted to the concerned districts by 15th February as per the instructions of the Director of Primary Education from time to time. 

In pursuance of the aforesaid resolution, in order to present the district re-transfer applications received in your district by 31/12/2017 to the concerned districts in person at the meeting hall, office of the Director of Primary Education on 18 / os / 2018 at 16.00 hrs.  As the camp is planned at Gandhinagar, the applications for transfer of district transfer should be divided into district wise and section wise and relevant and informative should be sent with the application for transfer of district transfer.  Only one employee from each district / town education committee should be sent as it is necessary to maintain personal distance due to Corona virus.  All the applications for district transfer received in your district by 31/12/2017 and the list of district / town education committee applications should be present in the camp.  Special care should be taken from your level that the district transfer applications of any teacher received till 31/12/2018 from the talukas under your jurisdiction or in your office will not remain.  Be careful not to add any applications after 31/12/2017.  If such a matter comes to the notice, the responsibility of the concerned district officer will be decided.  Take note of it.  
Jillafer Badli No Arji Camp Babat Paripatra

A copy of the list of applications submitted by you to the concerned districts should be submitted to the office here.  In Gandhinagar city area, there is no provision for direct district transfer and no application has to be accepted.  (Dr. MI Joshi) Director of Primary Education G.R. Gandhinagar

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