HNGU Exam Start From 25 June Is Cancelled Notification
The leaves of the trees purify the air through the action of photosynthesis.  Trees bear a variety of fruits.  The roots of the trees prevent soil erosion.  The trees prevent the desert from moving forward.  The roots and leaves of some trees are used medicinally.  Some trees are being used in the Pan padiya-pataralam.  Trees help bring rain by cooling the clouds.  Cattle, farmers and passers-by rest in the cool shade of the trees.  Moreover, trees are the adornment of the earth.  The land without trees looks deserted like a hairless sheesh.

HNGU Exam Start From 25 June Is Cancelled Notification.Our country had dense forests a few years ago.  Many wild animals live in those forests.  Forests protect animals and animals protect forests.  Cooling the atmosphere.  The air stays clean.  Heavy rains caused trees to grow.  But with the ever-increasing population, the need for land to build residential houses, schools, factories, roads, railways, etc. arose.  Wood was also needed for fuel and for home furnishings.  As a result, haphazard forests were cut down.  As a result, the area of ​​forests decreased.  Humans established haphazard human settlements due to their growing need.  This also led to depletion of arable land.  On the other hand, not as many trees were cut down as new ones were planted.  As a result of declining vegetation, rainfall continued to decline and groundwater levels continued to fall.

As soon as 26th January and 15th August come, people start playing patriotic songs with big sound speakers.  A large flag is hoisted over a car or on a bike.  Wearing a hat or safo like a tricolor on the head is what you call all this patriotism.
You will hear national anthems and patriotic songs all over the country. You will see flags hanging on cars, in the hands of children and all over the place.  Is it our duty to sing patriotic songs for two days or pay homage to the martyrs?  Is our patriotism limited to 26th January and 15th August only? 

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Now everyone knows how the country got independence .. But who has the duty to maintain the dignity of this freedom?  The police?  Soldier?  No, these two are just guards.  It is the duty of every Indian to preserve India's independence and its culture.  It is his duty.  It has a religion.