Important government decision regarding driving license, vehicle registration
New Delhi: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has once again given a big relief to the country’s motorists. The ministry has extended the validity of documents related to driving license and vehicle registration till July 31.A statement issued by the ministry said that from February 1 this year.
This means that you will not have to pay any delay fee or any other type of penalty for registering a driving license or vehicle during this period.

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The ministry said in a statement that the decision was taken in view of the situation caused by the Corona virus and the lockdown.

This feature will only be available to drivers who have paid a fee for the renewal of a related document on or after February 1,but have not been able to complete the document renewal due to the Corona virus.This is the second time the ministry has provided this facility

This is the second time the Ministry of Roads and Transport has provided such a facility.Let me tell you, in many cases vehicle owners have collected fees for various documents, but have not been able to renew them due to conditions and lockdown due to Corona virus.

Big relief to motorists:
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The Ministry of Roads, Transport and National Highways has extended the deadline for documents related to any motor vehicle related matter to July 31.

The decision will apply to all documents that expire on any date after 1 February 2020. Thus people across the country have got relief from it.

there will be no penalty or late fee. In the current state of emergency,Earlier the deadline was extended to March Earlier, on March 30, 2020, the deadline for documents required under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 An earlier statement had said that the renewal of the documents, which ended on February 1, 2020, would be completed by June 30.

Important decision of the government regarding driving license : Click Here

Exemption granted till July 31 for renewal of expired licenses and fitness certificates of vehicles

For those who want to get the fitness certificate of the vehicle on or after February 1 or the driving license has expired, it can now be renewed till July 31.

Due to the lockdown, if the deadline for renewal of vehicle fitness certificate or

license expires on or after February 1, they will not be charged late fees or additional charges on July 31,the Ministry of Rot Transport and Highways said.

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The government has noticed that lockdowns and closure of transport offices across the country are making it difficult for people to renew their licenses and fitness certificates of vehicles.