Private employees will also get this facility
The central government has made it mandatory for all employers to provide medical insurance to their employees. This rule will be applied to all employers after the lockdown opens. Then now every company or organization has to provide medical facilities to its employees.
IRDA issued a circular for insurance
In this regard, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has asked all general and standalone health insurers to talk about offering individual and group health insurance. Irda took this step so that all employers can follow this rule of the government.
Let me tell you, corporate companies use health insurance to help employers meet the health needs of their employees.

Advice on introducing reasonable and good insurance products
In a circular, Irda said all insurance companies were advised to introduce health insurance products and understand its terms and conditions in simple language. At the same time, it must be reasonable for employers to do it well. Insurance experts say that in the past, it was mandatory for all employers to insure their employees with health insurance. 

Private employees will also get this facility

However, some companies-organizations were providing this facility to their employees through group health insurance.