This training is voluntary. This will be followed by training in different subjects for teachers. Training in those subjects will be mandatory. The government has not yet announced a mandatory training program for Corona. From June 8, Std. Corona's condition is expected to improve by the time vacation 1 to 12 opens. 
The government has started considering online study for students if schools are not in a position to open at that time. The convenience and inconvenience of teaching online instead of calling students to class is being tested.\

In the state std. There are about 2 lakh teachers in 1 to 5. Online training in enlightening subjects has been organized for them. Of these, 218 were in ICT education, 203 in Educational Statistics and 114 in Gandhi Shikshan Darshan.

 A total of 6 teachers have registered till yesterday. Registration is still ongoing. As part of the training, teachers will be sent audio-video prepared by experts. There will also be an online quiz. Teachers will find this training useful when teaching students. Since Corona's condition is uncertain, GCERT Preparations for the new academic session have been started based on if and then.

Online training for teachers on vacation: If schools cannot be opened in June, students can also study online

 An online training has been organized by the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training, Gandhinagar to enhance the skills of teachers on vacation. Teachers are being registered to get online knowledge on the subject of Information and Communication Technology, Educational Statistics, Gandhi Shikshan Darshan etc.