Learn, the advantages and losses of lactating eating. alasi na fayada
Learn, the advantages and losses of lactating eating

Benefits of eating lazy.
1.Cancer Safety
One research has shown that lipid intake prevents breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.  Of which lignans are sensitive to the hormone.

2. Heart Disease
Omega-3 found in linseas reduces inflammation and helps in keeping the heart rate normal.  Omega-3 foods do not harden the arteries.  It also clings to the inner return of the white blood artery.

3. Keep diabetes in control
Lazy eating diabetes remains in control.  Research on diabetes sufferers in the United States has found that blood sugar levels remain under control due to lignin in the sluggishness.

4.Foot Relief
Make lasagna seeds into mince powder 15 grams, multhi five grams, mushri 20 grams, half a lemon juice in boiling water.  Drink this juice after three hours.  This will help you get out of the throat and into the breathing tube.

5. Loss loss due to loose eating Stomach problems
Lazy or any flaxseeds can hurt eating too much.  Likewise, lactic leaks in the loin can cause problems like chest pain, chest pain and stomach ache.  That's why it's important not to consume more than 30 grams of sluggish per day.

6. Do not get hurt soon
If you are lazy, any injury you receive will not go away soon.  Because omega-3 slows the process of blood clotting.

7. Gas problems may increase

Due to the high amount of fiber in laziness, gas problems in the stomach can sometimes occur.

8. The cause of allergies
Excessive salon seizures can also cause allergic reactions.  It can also cause stomach upset and vomiting.  It can also be difficult to breathe.
Learn, the advantages and losses of lactating eating. alasi na fayada
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Learn, the advantages and losses of lactating eating. alasi na fayada