Haircutting shops, pan-gutka-cigarette shops and tea-stalls as well as restaurants and hotels will be closed.A lockdown is underway in the state following the corona virus. The state government has taken an important decision for small and big shopkeepers, businessmen and businessmen in the state. The Chief Minister has announced this decision in pursuance of the Government of India's declaration. The state government has allowed all shops except malls and marketing complexes to open from Sunday, April 26, with 50 per cent staff. Shops and businesses registered under the Shop and Establishment Act-Clerk Act can be opened. The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting held here today. This was informed by the Chief Minister's Principal Secretary Ashwini Kumar.
Exemptions granted to small to large businesses are subject to conditions. In which the place of business or shop must be outside the containment area. It will have to have only 50% staff. It is mandatory to observe social distance by wearing a mask.

Cantonment areas should be determined by local authorities. At the same time, IT as well as ITES industries will be allowed on the condition of keeping 50 per cent staff for operations and if such industry is in an area outside the containment zone, such industries will also be allowed.