Starting today, Coronavirus vaccine trial will know how long it will be on the market
A clinical trial of the deadly coronavirus vaccine will begin in the United States today. This has been confirmed by a Trump administration official. Funding for the trial is being funded by the US National Institutes of Health. The vaccine will be tested at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle. Officials have informed the news agency AP on condition of anonymity as no official announcement has been made so far.
Have to wait a year and a half
Health officials of the United States say the vaccine will take 18 months to fully develop.
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The vaccine will be tested with 45 young healthy volunteers. Who will be given different doses that have been developed by NIH and Moder's Inc. There is no doubt that the volunteers who get into this test will be infected with dodge shots as they do not contain the virus. The purpose of developing this vaccine is to check if there are any side effects. Development of Covid-19 vaccine has begun worldwide. So far 156000 people have been infected worldwide and 5800 have died due to coronavirus. In the US alone, more than 50 people have died. While 3000 people are infected in 49 US states. It is also true that many people infected with the virus are completely cured. 
Starting today, Coronavirus vaccine trial will know how long it will be on the market
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Health officials say it can take up to two weeks for patients with mild symptoms to recover. While it may take three to six weeks for patients with severe symptoms to recover.